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Dog Hotel

Our dog apartments are purpose built, with our main aim to provide a safe, comfortable calm environment for your dog to stay in.

We haven’t used any traditional metal bars in our dog apartments, instead we built three rooms each with 7 apartments in, each dog apartment is separated with a solid dividing wall to give your pets privacy to make them feel more comfortable, the doors are Perspex with a half glass feature on the top to allow the dogs to see out, the apartments create a real home from home environment for your beloved dog.

Every dog is provided with a suitably sized bed and a nice piece of fluffy vet bed.

One apartment can house up to 4 dogs (depending on size) from the same family, and we also have four apartments with inter connecting doors which upon request can be opened to provide your dogs with more space. This also means that a large family of dogs can all stay together.

During their stay with us your dog can either be fed our own dry complete food or if you prefer you can bring your own food and you will receive a 5 percent discount.

You are very welcome to bring any treats, toys, bedding, blankets etc with your dog, whatever it takes to make them feel at home.

We can also administer any medication your dog may need at no extra cost, and we take great care with medication as we understand how important this is.

We also understand how important exercise is for your dogs well being, at Merrylegs dogs are exercised in fully fenced grass paddocks, and they are let out into these paddocks at frequent intervals throughout the day.

Extra walks can be provided for an extra cost.

Each dog apartment is cleaned daily and at the end of a dogs stay each apartment along with the bed and bedding are fully cleaned and disinfected so they are clean and ready for the next dog.